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Willkommen bei der Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association SFAMA


Zirkular 23/2016

Richtlinie für die Immobilienfonds und Fachinformation "Kennzahlen von Immobilienfonds“

SFAMA Zirkular 23/2016

Richtlinie für die Immobilienfonds und Fachinformation "Kennzahlen von Immobilienfonds"

SFAMA RL IMMO_d_Richtlinie Immobilienfonds_080402_160913

Richtlinie für die Immobilienfonds - 2. April 2008 (Stand am 13. September 2016)

SFAMA FI_d_Kennzahlen Immobilienfonds_160913

Fachinformation "Kennzahlen von Immobilienfonds" - 13. September 2016

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA): MiFID II Q&As

On 10th of October 2016 ESMA published its first MiFID II Q&As on investor protection topics (please see here).

ESMA intends to review these Q&As on a regular basis to update them where required and to identify if, in certain areas, there is a need to convert some of the material into ESMA Guidelines and recommendations.

The topics discussed in this first iteration cover

-          Best execution
-          Suitability and appropriateness
-          Recording of telephone conversations and electronic communications
-          Record keeping
-          Investment advice on an independent basis
-          Underwriting and placing
-          Inducements (research)

MiFID II will enter into application on 3 January 2018 and will strengthen the protection of investors by both introducing new requirements and strengthening existing ones.

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